Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friday Night Lights

The Greece Athena/Odyssey Thunder Hockey team lit the lamp 5 times in their second scrimmage of the season, allowing just 3 markers for the Royal Comets of RH, Friday Night at the Scot. Faced with a most unusual predicament of having zero netminders come out for their team this year, RH was forced to canvass their student body and as luck would have it they were able to convince a former youth goaltender to come out of retirement to help them out until they find a more permanent solution. I tip my hat to that young man for having the courage to stand between the pipes so the opponent would have something other than a shooter-tutor to throw pucks at. All kidding aside, this unsung hero really saved the game. Just spit-ballin here, but I understand BERHFL has 7 goalies, and was thinking that maybe, just maybe RH has enough room in their salary cap to pick up one or two of those BERHFL goalers on waivers?

On with the game. Just in from his senior class trip, Andy Sherry cracked the seal with the first goal of the game, possibly assisted by McNeil and Mattle, hard to say, it was a bit of a scrum. RH answered back as Nick Baird (#9) converted on a 2-on-oh jail break with Tori Whitcher (#20). Next up was Tyler Grimshaw with an off-speed slapper that slid in for the go-ahead goal just inside the left post. Freshman Anthony Fedele jumped on the bandwagon, going upstairs where Tommy spins the wing sauce, for his first unofficial varsity goal (scrimmages don't count cuz nothing really goes on the board). Ganti stepped off the senior class trip bus as well and found the back of the net with a snapper from the point. Then Fedele would return, going top dawg for his second tally of the evening. Jake Zaremski (#18) and Ben Cuatt (#2) rounded out the scoring for RH to make it a 5-3 final in Thunder's favor.

Not a bad looking line with Fedele, eHots, and McSkillet... i call it the more bars (goals) in more places line, if you line them up in that order, get it? Speaking of height differential, did you see freshman forwards Ethan Mordenga and Brandon Hutchison buzzing around out there attempting to fill out the #25 and #26 sweaters? Time to pull the rip cord on those parachutes cuz they got some serious wheels. Sophomore forward Jeffrey Geitner made an appearance and looked good out there as well.

ASim opened, Cumming closed and freshman goalie Quinton Rose stole the show in the middle of the goalie sandwhich. My intel had freshman Austin Briganti listed as a forward, but Webby likes to give brother's an opportunity to skate together where possible so I give you the #22-#27 tandem. Little bro Austin demonstrated a desire to pledge the Harry fraternity as he held his own blocking a shot, breaking up a 2 on 1, and shutting down a 1 on 1 in the handful of shifts he received. Lucarelli, Lennox, and Mazeau showed good chemistry as a line, moving the puck and generating several scoring chances. Good work boyz!

Now can we talk turkey? That's right, we are confirmed for a Thanksgiving Day scrimmage, 8:30am to 10:00am @ Lakeshore, in round robin format, with AQ and Spencerport. Tell you what, Thunder is gonna put the biscuits in the basket so all you have to worry about is the rest of the fixins. Deal?

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